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IP: / Date:2016-12-31Dave Nuss :
Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to get the frame plans/diagram so that I could have the frame cut in Aluminum by a local shop. The acrylic frame I have was not cut square (creating tiny alignment problems all over), so I wanted to replace it with something more rigid. Can you provide these plans in a dxf file? How much for them? Thanks! Dave
Replay:Hello Dave you want which one printer?
IP: / Date:2016-11-30Kevin :
Hello, Where can I find the original STL files for the two printed parts on the Z-Axis that make up the X-axis motor mount and the opposite X-axis idler pulley part? I recently damaged one and would like to print spares before they fail. Thank you, -Kevin
Replay:which one printer? pls email to thanks
IP: / Date:2016-10-30Mark Cole :
Hello, My name is Mark Cole Jr. and I am currently a Computer Engineering Student at Devry University and I have a YOUTUBE page in which I do review of PC Hardware components, electronic engineering equipment and tutorials. My channel is called 1HandTech and I have over 2,800 subscribers and growing at a rapid rate. I have not posted a video in a few years due to some personal issues but I would like to revive my channel again. I would like to start doing some PC hardware and electronic testing component reviews again. As you can see I have a following that is continuing to grow and very active even though I have not posted any new videos lately. I noticed that there was not any videos on your Afinibot A3 Prusa i3 3D Printer DIY Kit or your Afinibot A2 3D Printer auto leveling Delta 3D Printer Kossel DIY Kit 3d-printer and have had many questions about my thoughts on this Chair. I would like to give as much product feedback to my subscriber base, and your potential customers, as possible by doing an in depth reviiew, build guides and using it on my desk to make parts for my upcoming arduino build videos, which are my most popular videos. So if you could be so kind to send to me one of the Afinibot A3 Prusa i3 3D Printer DIY Kitor your Afinibot A2 3D Printer auto leveling Delta 3D Printer Kossel DIY Kit 3d-printer, and any other product you would like, for review would help me get the word out to my subscribers and answer all of their questions about you brand as a whole and would be greatly appreciated. I would love for the chance to review the workmanship and design that goes into making a high quality product such as the ones that you provide. I am hereby requesting a review sample of your Afinibot A3 Prusa i3 3D Printer DIY Kit or your Afinibot A2 3D Printer auto leveling Delta 3D Printer Kossel DIY Kit 3d-printer as well as any of the products you would like for me to review, so that I may provide quality feedback to the YOUTUBE community and potentially help grow your sales. The link to my youtube channel is: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either by email at at your earliest convenience. I look forward to a great relationship with your company in the future and can’t wait to get one of your units and give them the fair and respectful reviews that you and my subscribers deserve. Sincerely, Mark Cole Jr 1028 West Pomfret St Carlisle PA 17013 United States of America
Replay:Thank you
IP: / Date:2016-10-25David :
We just assembled the Afinibot A3 and are getting no signal from the LCD. We have double and triple checked all connections per instructions and seems OK. Do we need to update the firmware to be able to do anything or should the Repetier software connect to the printer? We are absolutely clueless about what to do at this point after assembly. We would like to begin using the printer but we don't know what to do. 1) Should the LCD automatically start displaying something? 2) Do we need to update the firmware to make something work? 3) How do we connect the Afinibot to Mac OS? We have attempted this but seem to get no connection to the printer. We need some serious help in getting this done. Any help would be appreciated since we don't know what to do at this point.
Replay:Hello David good day pls read instruction on SD card you don't need update firmware LCD cable pls check whether connect well or not
IP: / Date:2016-10-20ziauddin ahmed :
Hi,I am interested to buy one set of your A9L 3D, what other consumables do you recommend that I should have in the eventual breakdown or wearout of things during the working phase. I am reading a lot of reviews and I am getting a lot of negative reviews, could you clarify this. Now I need the quote for my above demand with the consumables in colors of white, golden, blue and green reels.
Replay:Hello Thanks for your are insteresting in our A9L 3D it is $420.00 USD each EXW ship to which country? it will help us check shipping cost. Thanks
IP: / Date:2016-10-17Drew :
We have a Afinbot 3d printer, but we do not know which kind it is, so we can know how to operate it. There isn't much on there, but it's yellow and has a X on the front and has what looks like a handle on the top. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replay:Hello good day could you show me your order ID? and when you bought the printer? We will show you the details Thanks Tina luo
IP: / Date:2016-09-27Benjamin Lardas :
Hi my name is Benjamin Lardas and 14/09/2016 i ordered a Afinibot Creality portable 3d printer. I received it on 22/09/2016 and assembled it. when testing the printer i discovered that the extruder circuit on the motherboard was inoperable. I would like a replacement board so that i can make the printer functional. below is the order information. Order ID: 11573 Transaction ID: 14886739C6914903X Date Added: 14/09/2016
Replay:Hello Benjamin lardas good day thanks for your email pls send photos and video to Thanks Tina luo
IP: / Date:2016-09-19Carsten Lind :
Hi, I just got the A31, and I am having an issue with it. I print PLA on tape 200C nozzle, 0C or 60C on the heated bed, and after approximately 10 mm. tall print, then fan starts to rub against the print, eventually ripping the print apart or tear it off the build plate. It really feels like the side fan is too close to the build plate.What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. All the best, Carsten Lind Designer, LEGO Denmark
Replay:Hello Carsten Lind Good day Could you let me know where you bought the printer? Could you tell us order ID and details information pls send to email Tina
IP: / Date:2016-09-19Nathan Stacey :
Hi, I received my mini delta printer today but the sd card is blank. Can I get emailed a set of instructions and anything else that is on the card? Regards Nathan Stacey
Replay:Hello Nathan Stacey good day could you let me know your order ID? and when you bought the printer? Tina
IP: / Date:2016-09-09Victor Kersey :
I have the Afinibot A3 and I am looking for the stl files to reprint the x-axis motor mount. Mine has broke and every model I've found is slightly different. Thanks
Replay:Hello victor we had send to your email box do you get it? If don't get it pls send email to Thanks
IP: / Date:2016-09-08Mohamed Elgaml :
Hello guys, we are a 3d printer reseller in north Africa and we are very interested in your 3d printers specially in A9L model so i want to ask what kind of cooperation you are providing and how can we go further to distribute your products in our markets ? thx in advance Mohamed Elgml, CEO Alpha 3d printers
Replay:Hello Mohamed good day Thanks fro your information and we welcome you will be our distributor You can list our printer to your online shop or website. when you get order and buy from us For first MOQ 1 pcs for you You can go further to distribute our products in your markets. More question or request pls feel free contact me . Thanks Tina Luo
IP: / Date:2016-09-05chamara lakruwan :
I bought your Afinibot A30 3D Printer it doesn’t contain an assembly or any instructions manual Please send me a soft copy of assembly+ instructions manual
Replay:Hello could you show me order ID?and when you bought the printer? look forward to hearing your idea soon. thanks
IP: / Date:2016-09-02Lex :
IP: / Date:2016-08-29thomas fourmond :
Hello, i want to purchase a Afinibot A3 Prusa i3 3D Printer DIY Kit .. but where ? On alibaba ? Thanks a lot. thomas
Replay:Hello you can direct buy from us. email Tina
IP: / Date:2016-06-09Torben Christensen :
Dear afinibot team I am an agent in the tile business (floortiles and walltiles) Im looking for New and diffrent business to work with, and I saw your 3d printers. do you work in Denmark, europe? Best regards Torben Christensen
Replay:Hello Torben Good day welcome to cooperate with you we like to work in Denmark, Tina Skype affinitysz Whatsapp 0086 15994798573
IP: / Date:2016-05-12Eric Steitz :
What is the price for the Prusa i3 printer kit? Also do it include self leveling? Eric.
Replay:Hello Eric Good day how many pcs you need> it is with leveling Tina
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