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FDM's ultimate solution? Fast printing and multi-material mixing molding

Date:2016-11-07 Hits:2199

FDM's ultimate solution? Fast printing and multi-material mixing molding

It is undeniable that 3D printing technology is facing many bottlenecks: material constraints, slow printing and printing the size limit of finished products. Prototype design accounted for a large part of 3D printing market. While the Israeli start-up company Fleximatter brought us a surprise. Although the exposure in the media is not high, but the company's solution is enough to bring exciting: Fleximatter's 3D printer to print the maximum size of 800 * 800 * 900mm, and can be incredible speed Prints different color printing layers. They have begun to launch in the Israeli market, 3D printing products, including chairs, vases, wine racks and so on.

Unfortunately, this technology is still in the development process, Fleximatter companies are still trying to apply for this patented 3D printing technology. This technology enables fast printing at a precision of 0.1mm - a 7kg heavy chair can be printed in as little as 6 hours, not only compatible with different performance and functional materials, but also with different colors.
The current three major problems facing the 3D printing is slow and can choose to print less material, and Fleximatter is undoubtedly to some extent to promote the development of 3D printing technology. This also shows the 3D printing technology has great potential for development. The increase in printing speed reduces costs and is therefore more competitive than traditional manufacturing.
Fleximatter's R & D team has been committed to the development of end products, rather than just the 3D printing used in product prototyping or mold. Their products can also be customized production, to meet the needs of different customers.
As the technology is in the patent application phase, the specific details of the technology we do not know. Polar Bear has learned that the company from the beginning of 2015 has been the Israeli government's financial support, the main business in two aspects: 3D print services and 3D printer sales. Fleximatter 3D printers are currently available from the Fleximatterprinter website, and if you would like to purchase the company's print products, click on the 3D Print Store.