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Dental Model Production

Date:2016-04-21 Hits:4532

Material was developed for dental model manufacturing. The peach color provides an attractive choice for modeling that is similar in look and feel to common die stones used in labs. It can be used with traditional dental manufacturing methods or as a CAD based model solution for 3D Printing. This is the only material that allows you to easily die trim, margin mark with a red pencil and hand wax to the die without concerns for layer lines. Die paint sticks to the dies just like plaster and won’t peel off. The material looks and feels like traditional gypsum models, which sets it above the other resin-based models currently on the market. The low viscosity formula combined with high accuracy printers helps to produce superior results with no loss of anatomy detail. is also tough enough for a dental technician to repeatedly remove and replace the die, check occlusion and move through excursions without any loss of fit or causing excessive wear on the contact surfaces. The cleanup does not use messy oils or heat that can cause distortion and takes only 3 minutes. The biggest advantage is its build time – a staggering average build time of under 2.5 hours with a full platform of crown and bridge models. All this with 35 micron resolution in Z. This means the lab is able to complete several builds in an 8 hour shift, allowing for fast turnaround of highly detailed accurate models. Unattended production means the machine can work while you are away. It will even turn itself off after completing a build.