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Afinbot STEAM Education 3D Printing Solution

Date:2018-11-07 Hits:2019
Afinibot 3D Printer Focus on STEAM Education 3D Printing Solution, We have a very success story in the USA.

Afinibot A5 STEAM is a 3D printing technology-based education Class, designed to help you and your students learn the STEAM, and How to assemble a 3D Printer kit, and use a 3D Printer and prepare for the future. 

Afinibot A5 STEAM provides a complete solution for every classroom environment. 

Our Partner in Global will show you step-by-step how to deliver an engaging STEAM-based lesson, using child-centric 3D software and 3D printers along the way. 

To encourage immersive classroom learning, we also support 3D modeling and printing in. We’ve got everything for you to expand your children’s horizons and foster innovation today.

Join us and become a STEAM 3D Printer superior.