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3D Printing Impact Of Logistics, Maybe Birth "Local Production" New Supply Chain

Date:2016-12-02 Hits:2125

3D Printing Impact Of Logistics, Maybe Birth "Local Production" New Supply Chain 


Well-known express company DHL recently released a new trend report titled "3D Printing and Supply Chain Future". Depth analysis of the current status of the 3D printing industry and its role in the entire supply chain, the report concludes that although the technology and its application development can not be stopped, it will not completely replace the existing Manufacturing processes, especially large-scale manufacturing processes, will only be a supplement, mainly for manufacturing demand for small, personalized, and the structure is relatively complex products.



"3D printing technology is indeed subversive, but it is not magic, it will not replace the large-scale manufacturing, but it is personalized and small batch does have an advantage, which will make logistics and manufacturing fields closer than ever before "Explains Matthias Heutger, vice president of customer solutions and innovation at DHL.


This analysis does make sense - although the 3D printing technology has been integrated into the aerospace, automotive, medical, etc., many industries, but it still has many deficiencies, such as slow, compatible with a small variety of materials, product quality is not high , As well as expensive equipment, etc., which is to limit its further application of important factors, DHL also draw important conclusions based on this conclusion.


However, the advantages and disadvantages of all things coexist, 3D printing technology is no exception - compared to traditional manufacturing processes, it is more flexible, economic, environmental protection, so at present, it is also interested in more and more enterprises. As Markus Kückelhaus, vice president of innovation and trends at DHL's Customer Solutions and Innovation group, said, "In our most recent survey, 38 percent of companies said they are likely to use 3D printing technology for production over the next five years , But they do not think the technology will replace the traditional manufacturing process.


Finally, the DHL report clearly identifies areas where 3D printing can take advantage, including on-demand spare parts, components that need to be quickly designed and formed, and "product extension services," meaning delivery time is short, Customized products. Among them, the former will allow the logistics company in the way of direct printing products, while the latter and "direct personalized manufacturing" is likely to spawn a "local 3D print service providers" as the main body of the new supply chain.